Comfortable Sustainable Furniture


Sustainable and circular

Van de Sant sustainable design furniture is made from recycled plastic gathered from land and oceans. We stop deforestation, reduce plastic waste in our oceans, create local jobs, and our furniture is fully circular.  We have reach a point that we change plastic waste into circular design. Our vision became our mission! Do you want to join us on our mission? 


Sustainability and circular are often not in one line with comfort. On the contrariety, our starting point has always been comfort. Our innovation proofs that sustainability can be attractive, in every detail. The fabric we use, has the same look and feel as traditional fabrics. 


All around the world we are setting deadlines to reduce; food waste, consumer waste, air pollution and all before 2020, 2025, 2050.... We believe the time is now, before it is to late. Every furniture piece contains approx 70 lbs plastic waste, means out of the environment, and become circular.