The Ocean is probably the biggest business in the world. It provides half the oxygen we breathe, it has absorbed a quarter of our CO2 emissions, and puts food on our plates.

But the Ocean is in danger. You may not be able to see it from above the surface, but the threats are many and the risks are real: plastics are choking our sea life; pollution is causing ‘dead zones’; our corals are dying; climate change is heating our Ocean, making it more acidic; and too many boats are chasing fewer and fewer fish.

Only 3% of the Ocean is currently under some form of protection, and much of the remaining 97% suffers from poor management.

Yet it’s not too late to solve this crisis. The Ocean is amazingly resilient and could recover, but it needs each and every one of us to play a part.


Van de Sant Global BV supports the amazing work of Ocean Unite, to help raise awareness around the issues of marine conservation.

By using recovered plastic as a standard material for our furniture, we significantly reduce plastic waste entering the oceans. 

Because the Ocean is Everybody’s Business



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Robert Milder

Designer, environmentalist and founder of Van de Sant








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